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The CCCA-BTP is a French professional organisation in charge of coordinating the apprenticeship in the construction industry. It leads a network of 103 training centres offering training in companies and in training centres (called CFA-BTP).
The CCCA-BTP is in charge of implementing the professional policy specified by main employers and employee’s representative federations of the construction industry at national level. The French government is also represented within the Board Committee.

The missions of the CCCA-BTP are specified by the professional agreements concluded by the professional players of the construction industry and strengthened by the law. All these missions are lead with regional authorities that have the responsibility of organising and funding the apprenticeship. The main missions of the CCCA-BTP are to:

  • Promote - the construction industry professions
  • Inform - Young people, their families and companies of the sector on initial vocational training, especially the apprenticeship, and on professional opportunities
  • Improve - the quality of vocational training in companies and within training centres through the welcoming and the career advising of young people
  • Attend - to the social and professional integration of young people
  • Finance - the development and the running of the vocational training centres
  • Train - training centre instructors and company trainers (tutors)

The CCCA-BTP network has trained 2 000 000 apprentices since it was created 70 years ago.
In 2012-2013, 63 800 apprentices (young people having a specific work contract and registered in a training centre) are hired by more than 49 300 companies where they generally stay three weeks a month, the fourth week being spent in the training centre.