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The project will be oriented to achieve the following main outcomes:

  • Analysis report on existing profiles and tasks regarding competence standards or other relevant documents of VET trainer in the construction sector on the basis of the Interior Drywall System Installers.Download
  • Comparative studies and development of the certification and validation systems/ models for VET trainers in the construction sector in all partners’ countries.Download
  • Professional competence standard for the VET trainer in the construction sector, including national competence standards with comparison to EQF and focuses on the construction sector.Download
  • Modular training curricula for VET trainers specializing in Drywall System, including the ECVET rules and competence gap diagnosis. Material for learner  Modular Programme
  • E-learning platform for VET trainers in the construction sector with the module for Drywall System Installers. https://www.certivet.ugal.ro/  (Utilizator: student_ro  Parolă: Student=ROM1)
  • Reports from evaluation of developed curricula and e-content of the platform.
  • Scientific publication. Download